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Public Infrastructure Construction

Demand for CRG’s superior construction services reflects the company's reputation as a leader in highway infrastructure construction. When you engage CRG for a project, you not only get a contractor with extensive experience in constructing community and transportation infrastructure, but you also get a business partner that always looks for innovative ways to compress the schedule and project savings. 


Our portfolio features many of the Region’s most innovative and prestige projects including, major arterial and highway construction. As a prime contractor or subcontractor, from bridge construction, deep foundations, retaining wall structures, sound walls, geo-support systems and other specialty construction venues.

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Design-Build Specialty Construction

When time is short and the risks are substantial, our clients rely on the CRG’s design build team capabilities to successfully see them through. Affiliated with some of the regions most respected, talented and knowledgeable design firms, CRG can assemble a design-build team that is particularly suited to the project's unique needs. 


The advantage of the design-build approach is that the project delivery team has single-point responsibility for the project. This expedites construction timeframes, project cost savings, reduces or eliminates claims and provides for greater innovation.

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Precast Concrete Manufacture

CRG manufactures and supplies precast concrete materials to many large DOT projects throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. CRG is an NPCA accredited precast concrete manufacturing facility.

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Value Engineering

With the goal of constructing the project as efficiently and economically as possible, early collaboration between the Owner, Engineer, and the CRG Team can produce significant cost savings to the client. Through value engineering, we have successfully provided engineering and construction alternatives that have saved Owners hundreds of thousands of dollars while, in many cases, also allowing faster delivery of the final project.

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Budgeting and Estimating

Developing accurate construction bid estimates requires a comprehensive understanding of project costs and factors that impact project costs, along with knowledge of the estimating process. In the end, our estimating team addresses three primary concerns; quantities, pricing and productivity. 

With our methodical yet practical approach, CRG’s construction bid estimates include quantity take-offs, market-factored pricing, and time constraints. Additionally, our estimating expertise qualifies us to evaluate and analyze submitted bids for possible errors or shortcomings. We have the estimating expertise that you need.

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Project Scheduling

CRG has considerable expertise in providing Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and project controls. Our CPM scheduling and project controls specialists are experienced in developing, analyzing, updating and monitoring project schedules and other project reporting procedures. CRG customizes our CPM scheduling and project controls services to our clients' specific needs. 


CRG utilizes standard industry standard scheduling methods and software to develop, monitor, and report the progression of construction projects such that our clients are informed quickly and accurately of project events, potential problems, and corrective actions.

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